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Drone videography and filmography have become one of the most critical developments in the world of film in the last decade. Instead of just filming the actual project, drones have been utilized in pre-production to get overlays of the landscape, understand the terrain to be used, and help develop the storylines based on the area. Additionally, while some of this aerial photography has been out of reach for smaller companies due to the high cost of helicopters, drones offer an increased benefit in cost savings and crew safety. 

In addition to the financial savings, drones can also navigate in tight spaces where other filming methods are impractical or impossible. Drones’ technology, payload, and stability have increased their usefulness in shooting great quality films indoors or outside, even in inclement weather. 

However, before you decide that a drone is the best way to gather new film for your next project, you need to be aware of a variety of different regulations and stipulations associated with flying drones and some of the specific limitations.

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Popular drone videography and filmography techniques include:

Fly Throughs

This technique is used when a drone flies through a narrow passageway or area, such as between buildings. Flying in these spaces can be heavily influenced by intermittent air currents with little room for error.


This film approach uses a drone flying at a set altitude as the subject passes by the camera. Side slides require coordinated effort to control the speed, height, and camera angle to capture usable shots for the film. 


This technique is used when the flight path takes the camera further away from the object until the entire picture can be seen. Reveals require steady handling and speed to avoid shaking or distorting the image. 

Backward Flight

While this technique is commonly used, it is challenging to master. Pilots must take care to follow the speed of the subject to keep them in focus and pay close attention to avoid putting the drone’s shadow into the shot.

Orbital Shots

These shots utilize the drone circling the object. This approach requires a professional to ensure the drone doesn’t interfere with the image, maintains a consistent altitude and speed, and ensures that its shadow is never visible as it moves around the object.


These shots have been some of the most widely used aerial techniques. Drones offer the ability to follow a vehicle, person, or object as it moves through an area. Several methods and pieces of technology can ensure that these shots come out great the first time. 

Frequency Pictures Expertly Combines Flight and Film

High-Quality Drone Videography and Filmography Requires Experience and Skill

One of the issues that many films come across is that they can have great drone pilots or cameramen who understand how to capture film. However, the combination of pilots and camera operators is incredibly rare. Frequency Pictures prides itself on offering pilots that have a background in film and have learned how to utilize drones to meet our client’s needs and expectations. Our pilots are all FAA certified pilots and maintain their certifications with annual training with additional education on groundbreaking film techniques. 

At Frequency Pictures, we believe that you should get world-class talent regardless of your location. That’s why we have built our business in Las Vegas to offer our clients the best services outside of LA without compromising quality. 

Las Vegas also offers additional challenges when filming with Drones. These not only include coordination with McCarran Airport but also take-off and landing on private property at specific resorts along the strip. We have built trusted relationships with the various properties to ensure the right security and proximity to your location to minimize signal interference. 

Our pilots take the time to understand your film so they can suggest the best equipment to manage your next project. Whether that’s the use of a variety of different drones and cameras from our fleet to utilizing some of our specialized lenses and filters that have been designed explicitly for drone filming, we can exceed your expectations to get the shots you need.

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Drone Rules and Regulations in Las Vegas

While the layperson may think of drones as simple tools that are accessible and ready to utilize for a project, a lot of work has to go into preparing for a shot before you can ever take flight. Drones flights are managed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 107 (14 CFR 107). 

Within the confines of United States airspace, commercial and recreational drones must be registered with the FAA. Additionally, the registration number must be displayed on the drone, and proof of registration must be carried with the drone or drone pilot. Drones flights must also be taken under a flight plan, have appropriate licenses, and be insured before filming begins. 

In addition to the federal requirements, several states have enacted their laws and regulations on drones, so it is essential to check your local requirements before you plan on using drones. 

It is critical to understand all of your legal requirements outlined in federal, state, and local law to avoid potential violations, including fines, seizure of equipment (including your film), and even possible jail time. 

Once you believe that you have a solid understanding of your legal obligations, there are various other factors to consider. If you don’t own a drone or a specific camera designed for drone filming, you’ll have to complete a lot of research to know what conditions you’ll be filming and how you need your shots to turn out. Specific issues like the camera’s weight, ability to follow a target, camera configurations and settings, battery life, and storage capability might not seem like a big issue until it threatens to derail your entire project. 

Many beginners or amateur film teams that begin using drones are also completely unaware of the technique and practice to capture the shot. 

Hire Our Professional Drone Crew

Instead of worrying about all of the heavy-lifting that it takes to capture your aerial shots, consider bringing on a crew that has the experience, qualifications, and equipment it takes to get your shot right the first time.

Frequency Pictures owns, trains, and operates with a variety of different equipment. That means that we have drones to capture any shot in any condition.

Whether you’re looking for a drone that can navigate tight spaces with a small camera with one of our “Light Lift” setups, or you need something larger from our “Heavy Lift” fleet, we can handle your project without having to worry. The heavy and light lift qualifications for drones depend on the total weight that each drone can carry. While the light load drones are typically more agile, they are limited by how much they can take. This can often mean that they have a smaller battery capacity and a restricted camera size. 

Frequency Pictures takes care of all of the preplanning, preparation, setup, and postprocessing for drone footage. That means that our clients don’t have to worry about the legal requirements. We handle all of the work it takes to secure the proper permits, file the appropriate paperwork, and carry the licenses it takes to make sure that your project doesn’t run into any legal snags. 

Drone Videography and Filmography in Las Vegas

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