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Las Vegas is often called the entertainment capital of the world and for good reason. From its casinos to restaurants to all sorts of entertainment, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Las Vegas. If you’re a filmmaker, Vegas is also an amazing place to produce your next masterpiece. We help creatives from all over the country source the right equipment for their filming needs.

Need access to high-quality make-up and wardrobe professionals? We have an extensive roster of professionals ready to join your next project. If you need it, we can get it.

Las Vegas Film Equipment Sourcing:
Camera Car and Russian Arm 

As any video production company will tell you, having the right equipment for production is incredibly important when it comes to high-quality results. Are you wanting to capture the perfect scene but not sure that a typical camera set-up will cut it? A camera car and Russian Arm are critical when it comes to getting the perfect shot, whether it’s during a tv, commercial, movie, or music production. It’s important to understand what these products are and how they can make a simple video production in Las Vegas to the next level.

What is a Camera Car?

A camera car is a vehicle used to chase or follow another vehicle or object or drive alongside a particular scenery that would best be captured in this method. Camera cars can be used on-road or off-road depending on the need and may involve the use of Russian Arm, but not necessarily. A camera car can be an actual car, or it may be another type of mobile option such as a boat or airplane.

What is a Russian Arm?

Many video production companies in Las Vegas utilize Russian Arms for their productions. This device is essentially a high-speed mobile crane that is attached to a camera car or other type of vehicle to capture certain shots from a variety of angles. It is made with high-quality material that can withstand high speeds and less-than-ideal weather conditions. It’s a durable piece of equipment that helps people get the shots that their production needs the most.

Does Every Production Need a Camera Car or Russian Arm?

Not necessarily. Some films or video productions can be captured without the need for a camera car or Russian Arm. The decision largely comes down to what creatives are trying to achieve with a particular video. 

We’ll help you determine what camera equipment can best suit your film and offer assistance in acquiring any film-making equipment you require.

Why Your Production May Need a Camera Car or Russian Arm

When choosing the right products for your video production in Las Vegas, it’s critical to think about the bigger picture. A camera car and Russian Arm, whether you’re using it on-road or off-road, can help get the shot that you can’t get through other methods of video production. Not only does it capture certain images from different angles, but it allows the ability for the audience to feel like they are truly experiencing a scene. 

It’s best to use a Russian Arm if you need the ability to shoot a moving scene from any angle and at any speed. It’s also ideal for handling shoots in a variety of weather conditions. If your shot requires inclement weather, then the Russian Arm can ensure that the show goes on.

How Do You Know if You Need a Camera Car or Russian Arm?

It’s best to ask the professionals when it comes to determining if your film production in Las Vegas needs a camera car or Russian Arm. There’s no need to use this equipment unless it brings something to the production. If you’re on the fence about it, then you should reach out to a professional video production company with your questions. 

Consider the scenes of your production, what you want the audience to experience, and if this equipment will take the production to the highest level of quality. It’s a good idea to meet with professionals and ask their opinion about the different types of tools and methods that can be used to make your video production in Las Vegas the best that it can be.

Las Vegas Film Production Equipment Sourcing:
Technocrane and Jimmy Jib Rental

If you’re part of a camera crew, you’ve likely been in some heated debate about the merits of the technocrane vs. the Jimmy Jib. While each of these tools has some specific benefits and drawbacks, Frequency Pictures understands the need and use of each item. However, it is essential for people involved with creating a film to understand some of the basics of this equipment. 

Filming with a Technocrane

As a film production company in Las Vegas, Frequency Pictures specializes in meeting our client’s needs without resorting to LA resources. The technocrane is considered by many to be one of the most versatile yet complicated pieces of film equipment ever made. The technocrane consists of a camera at the end of a crane arm,  enabling the camera to transition around a set smoothly. In addition to controlling the height and extension of the arm, the crane operator can fully rotate the camera. This allows incredible diversity in how crews can capture their shots. 

However, that isn’t the end of the technocrane’s capabilities. In addition, the technocrane isn’t always placed on a fixed base but is able to be on wheels and a track. This allows the camera to be shot in motion, which provides for a wide variety of applications. 

With that in mind, it’s also essential to understand some of the potential drawbacks of using this type of equipment. The main issue frequently comes down to the cost of the equipment and the number of trained professionals it takes to set up and operate the technocrane. Some people reference the technocrane as the most expensive piece of equipment that can be used on a set, although nobody disputes the quality of shots they can produce. 

At Frequency Pictures, we understand that budgets must be met, which is why we offer technocrane and Jimmy Jib rentals. Our rentals include qualified personnel who can help you achieve your shot. Now there’s no need to sacrifice quality filmmaking because of a lack of funds.

We are your #1 solution for Las Vegas film equipment sourcing!


Filming with a Jimmy Jib

Like the technocrane, the Jimmy Jib is a tool that places a camera on one end of the arm, with a counterweight near the opposite end. The camera can be controlled by an operator who has complete control over the camera’s angle and can also move the arm to put the camera into different locations or capture video. 

In contrast, they complete a swooping motion above an audience or set. Similar to the technocrane, the jimmy jib can also be mobile if the base is wheels. However, this approach requires the area to be prepared and smooth for successful operation. Many Jimmy Jibs are designed to have a base that stays in one position. Additionally, the arm on the Jimmy Jib can be set to a specific length but does not typically extend or retract during camera operation. 

The Jimmy Jib is an ideal solution for filming events in auditoriums where an audience is present. The camera and equipment can stay off the main viewing floor but can capture shots of the audience and from the audience’s perspective. 

Shoot Your Film Using the Best Equipment Available

The technocrane and Jimmy Jib are phenomenal tools that can be used to place a camera at places and angles where we would otherwise miss the shot. Additionally, both of these pieces of equipment allow the camera operators to create movement in the camera and twist and tilt the camera to various angles. However, while the jimmy jib can twist the camera, the arm is generally held static during filming and cannot extend or retract. 

In contrast, the technocrane can be a much more expensive piece of equipment to operate, and many smaller budget films or production companies choose to eliminate them from their repertoire. 

Frequency Pictures Has the Filming Equipment You Need-When You Need It.

At Frequency Pictures, we offer our clients a complete range of vendors for equipment, camera operators, make-up artists, wardrobe, and more. Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our film production consulting services and avoid the costly mistakes so many people make. 

Our customers get LA-quality film from a video production company in Las Vegas.

Instead of forcing our customers to settle for a lower-quality shot, we offer you a full suite of camera and equipment options, like drones, jibs, and cranes to ensure that we capture the image that helps your film meet its intended purpose. Our team works with various film types, including feature films, indie films, music videos, advertisements, and live video services to capture and share the meaningful moments in your life. 

Ready to get your next project off the ground?

We’ve helped many people make the best decisions about their video production, and we are happy to lend our knowledge to your project, too. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and how we can make your video production everything that you want it to be.

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