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Frequency Pictures is a different kind of video production company.
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Post-production services can be complicated. There are so many details that go into good post-production service, and it’s important to have someone who knows what they’re doing in order to get the best results. That’s why we offer a complete range of post-production services. 

We will help you make sure your video is perfect before sending it out into the world. Our team has experience with all types of videos and distribution channels, so we know how to take care of everything from start to finish. Whether you need editing, color correction, visual effects, animation, or distribution – our experts will handle every step along the way.


Frequency Pictures is a different kind of video
production company in Las Vegas. 

Our Post-Production Services in Las Vegas

Post-production is a broad term for all of the work after a video has wrapped up shooting, and all of the actors, extras, camera operators, and other set professionals have gone home. However, while all of that hustle and bustle has finished, post-production is anything but slow. 

Post-production takes all of the raw and unedited films and turns them into a polished and finished product. These professionals work diligently to ensure that the film is in the correct order and the video is enhanced to look great. It also ensures that all of the sounds fit the theme and intent of your project. 

A team of dedicated professionals completes post-production that each has their area of expertise. However, they must work together to achieve a cohesive final piece of work. Here’s a look at some of the significant steps it takes to get your product from finished shooting to ready to air. 

Safe and Effective Storage

Storage is one of the aspects that has drastically changed throughout the history of film. While previously, this meant that film had to be properly collected and stored in the proper environmental conditions, most film is now kept in a digital format. However, just because digital film doesn’t need the same conditions as other film types, the process is less intensive. Additionally, with recent increases in cyber attacks, the requirements that each company must maintain to protect film have only increased. 

At Frequency Pictures, we ensure that our data is safely stored, backed up, and protected from cyber security threats. 

It is also essential to ensure that each professional has access to the data to complete their jobs without more complications. 

Film Editing 

Before our team dives too far into their work, it’s crucial to identify all of the potential images used for the film and get them up to standard. The editing team reviews the script and storyline and then takes the raw footage into the sequence that makes the most sense to tell your story. 

Due to the nature of their creative work, the editors must understand the entire project. This often means that they’ll have additional questions for the directors and our clients to ensure that they deliver a meaningful product. Depending on the project and length of the film, the editing process can take anywhere from a few days to several months of full-time work. 

Similar to writing, editors produce a draft they call the “rough cut.” The director and client review this version, and they have an opportunity to provide additional feedback or request revisions. Once the director is happy with the product, the editing process is “locked-in” and then turned over to the sound editors. 

Sound Editing

The sound editing process is also incredibly labor-intensive so that it fits with the film. Sound editing does not just include matching voices with the picture but also helps to eliminate background noise, add sound effects, overlay music, and enhance other sounds that are critical to the plot. While all of this may sound straightforward, the process is very detail-oriented, and determining which sound effects are the best suited for a particular sound takes the ears of a professional. 

At Frequency Pictures, we have multi-decade long relationships with the best sound designers, composers, and sound mixers in the business. Our team of post-sound professionals has done work on mainstream radio hits, animated films that require the world to be built from silence, and major television and commercial blockbusters.  

Visual Effects & Color Correction

Visual Effects

Not every production requires drastic visual effects or animations, but sometimes even minor enhancements can help to improve a video. Visual effects can include adding explosions, buildings, environmental factors (such as tornadoes, volcanos, or large waves), or can extend to entire landscapes and characters. 

Visual effects can begin working as soon as the video editing has been completed. This work requires frame-by-frame changes, so revising the overall film creates a substantial workload for these professionals. 

Visual effects can also include color alterations to help images appear more realistic or accentuate specific features. 

Color Correction

Color correction or color grading can transform the look of a project to fit a brand, story mood, or style of a video. A lot of our editors have extensive experience color correcting the raw footage of a project to make the story truly pop off the screen. However, if your project needs specific treatment the color on screen we have dedicated colorists that only focus on the grading of the final cut. This is usually one of the last steps before onlining, exporting, and delivering the video. We put a lot of attention on the coloring of any project as it can truly bring a project to life. 

Preparing for Distribution

Distribution is another process that is frequently overlooked in the post-production world. However, this step includes specific techniques for ensuring your film can be dubbed in various languages. While many people don’t worry about distributing their content beyond the US, it is essential to recognize that there are multiple languages spoken within the confines of our country. Simply ensuring that accurate dubbing or translations can be completed helps increase your potential audience and limits exclusion. 

In addition to dubbing, a subtitle track will need to be created for the film. This process includes writing out the spoken words (and music) and placing them at the film’s right time slots. 

If your film is sent to theaters to be shown, you’ll also need a Digital Cinema Package or DCP, so it is compatible with theater equipment and quality. 

Creating the Buzz

Of course, many films are created but never viewed by their potential audience. Advertising your film is one of the essential tools to ensure that your audience is aware of your movie. Film advertising can include providing your film is picked up by simple search engines but can also include movie posters, movie snippets and trailers, interviews, and screenings. Fortunately, Frequency Pictures has the experience and connections to help your target audience see your film.

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