Bernard Evans

Director – DP

Shot the winning “2012 Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest” with “Sling Baby.”

Has filmed for clients like Skype, Taco Bell, American Apparel, TOMS, and more.

Filmed countless features including The Crooked Man and Worst. Prom. Ever.

Shooting the winner of the 2012 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest for his entry “SLING BABY” marked Bernard’s entry into commercial cinematography. The commercial was voted #1 by USA Today and received first place in the “Most Remembered” and ‘Best Liked” categories by Nielsen ad ratings. In 2015, CBS rated it the #5 best Super Bowl commercial of all time. Bernard’s work in the commercial drew the attention of the prestigious Siltanen and Partners. Here, he began building his resume shooting ads for clients such as Skechers, Panda Express, and Amazon.

He used this momentum to once again win the 2014 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest for his entry “COWBOY KID.” This marked the third year in a row he lensed a commercial airing in the Super Bowl, allowing him to further his reach into the ad world shooting for clients such as Skype, Taco Bell, American Apparel, and TOMS.

In addition to commercials, Bernard has shot countless features including THE CROOKED MAN and WORST. PROM. EVER. He has recently worked on Netflix’s new show GLOW. His unparalleled work ethic, vision and ambition bring balance to Frequency Pictures.

Featured Work