Grant Schlichtman

Director – Producer

Has Worked with Karl since 2009.

Brings a cinematic style to a variety of industry projects that aren’t typically seen as “cinematic.”

Holds a degree in Video Production from Los Angeles Film School.

Grant is a co-founder of Digital Sky, a leader in low-altitude aerial media capture in the United States. With a background in film stemming back to when he was old enough to pick up a camera, there’s no one better to trust behind capturing your vision on a production.

Grant holds a degree Film from the Los Angeles Film School, as well as a degree in Business Administration. Grant is experienced on camera platforms including Red, Arri, Panavision, Canon and Sony DSLR’s, and Sony Cinema Cameras. Additionally he’s a skilled operator of Steadicams, Various Dolly’s and Jibs.

Before Digital Sky he worked on various small, medium, and large budget productions in positions such as Director, 1st AC, 2nd AC, Script Supervisor, Best Boy Grip, Production Assistant and Producer. After leaving California to move back closer to home, he was the Creative Director at KLKN-TV an ABC News affiliate where he was directly responsible for producing all commercials that ran on air.

Featured Work