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Frequency Pictures is a full-service film production company creating content for clients in a variety of mediums such as worldwide commercial spots, narrative feature films, and new media web content. Frequency Pictures was founded in 2011 by Karl Nickoley, an accomplished producer and director who has worked on everything from feature films to TV commercials, web campaigns, and branding initiatives with organizations like Apple, Geico, Pizza Hut, and more. We’re growing fast with offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and strategic partners in the Midwest and East Coast to exceed the needs of our clients. Leveraging loyal relationships with vendors and innovative crew, we’ve developed a reputation for our standard in quality content.

Did we happen to mention we’re also a 5-time Emmy-winning film production company?

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We understand what production value shooting in Las Vegas can bring to a project.  That is why we brought our world-class team from the West Coast to the high deserts of Las Vegas to help get the best in the business to you. Las Vegas offers unrivaled expectations in class and elegance, and finally, there is a film production company that can deliver on your video needs. Whether you’re shooting the next blockbuster, indie film, super bowl commercial, or need to capture the big event, Frequency Pictures has the team you need.


Meet the most versatile production package on the market. 

OnLocation Production and Frequency Pictures have established a strategic alliance, offering a comprehensive, unparalleled solution for clients in the film and commercial production industry. OnLocation brings its state-of-the-art, all-in-one mobile command center, providing complete department equipment packages, and production amenities in one efficient, cost-effective package. 

Coupled with Frequency Pictures, a five-time Emmy-winning production company, this alliance brings you an unparalleled level of expertise. This alliance is more than a mere convenience; it’s a ticket to a top-quality, and streamlined production. Experience the future of film and commercial production today with OnLocation Production + Frequency Pictures.  



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If you’ve been looking at all of the excellent film production services that Los Angeles or New York has to offer but have a product or project that you want to anchor in the Las Vegas area, look no further. Frequency Pictures is a full-service production company that offers various video services to help you bring your vision to life.

Whether you need a sleek new commercial, a boutique informational video, or the next big-screen hit, we have the expertise, equipment, and staff to deliver LA-quality film on location in Las Vegas. 


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