Frequency Heads to Grand Canyon West!

Grand Canyon West hired Frequency Pictures to create a social media campaign to promote the Hualapai River Runners helicopter pontoon and whitewater tours. From the start we developed a unique creative approach with helped deliver dramatic angles throughout the project. We partnered with Digital Sky for our aerials and behind the scenes EPK. This was the first time commercial drones were allowed on Hualapai land and we made sure to treat the process with delicacy towards tribal customs and traditions.

Some of our main hurdles that we faced were transporting equipment via helicopter to the floor of the Grand Canyon. There are very strict weight limitations but with careful pre-production planning we were able to trim our equipment selection down to make the trip with two helicopters. We raced against the morning light to capture incredible moments on and off the mighty Colorado River before the other tours started in the day.

Our goal was not to interrupt normal business operations in the canyon and that was achieved with great compliment by the businesses working in the canyon. The camera crew was extremely dedicated and took extreme caution when filming on class 5 whitewater rapids, on and off the hero boat. Check out the behind the scenes highlight from each day.

We delivered two :30 second spots for social in addition to two :06 second YouTube bumpers.

Grand Canyon West Behind the Scenes

Grand Canyon West Whitewater Rafting

Grand Canyon West Pontoon Adventure

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